Warrensville Baptist Church - 130 Church Street, Warrensville, NC 28693
Warrensville Baptist Church
Monday, July 22, 2024
'Sharing the Good News Through Caring People'
Rev. Jeff Nave
Our pastor from June 2006 to October 2011
A message from Pastor Jeff:
There is nothing more important in life than your walk and relationship with the Lord; which involves you truly allowing God to have complete control of every phase of your life. Allowing people to see Jesus being number one in your life leads to far more victories and overwhelming benefits than you could ever know. I know He freed me, redeemed me, and is allowing me to sit in high places with Him. You cannot make God's plan any better than what it is!
I love my family and I love my church family, who have always been an important factor of which I cannot explain. But, I know you are special. Just keep loving each other, giving support, and keeping your eyes fixed on the one who watches over the sparrows because He is leading you and one day we will all be in His house and nothing else will matter.