Warrensville Baptist Church - 130 Church Street, Warrensville, NC 28693
Warrensville Baptist Church
Saturday, May 28, 2022
'Sharing the Good News Through Caring People'

Prayer Wall

Please join us in prayer for these individuals, families, and communities in need.
And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up;
and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.
Confess your faults to one another,
and pray for one another, that ye may be healed.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
- James 5:15-16

Prayer Requests                 Shut-Ins
Ayers, John & Danielle         Bledsoe, Dan & Josephine
Barker, Dexter & Lois Family Blevins, Edith           
Blevins, Tera Shaw Brooks, Lenna                
Borough, Sarah Gilley, Kristy           
Cockerham, Jan                 Jones, Tiffany
Coe, Patsy & Benny Lewis, Gwen
Drozdowski, Christie Peeler, Dot
Duncan, Jared Price, Cornetta
Duncan, Mark
Duncan, Matthew                 Other Prayer Concerns
Eller, Pete                         Wade & TC Huntsinger
Elliott, Kathy                         Ms. Francis Huntsinger
Garn, Cody & Sandy         Our Church Family & Deacons
Garn, Steve Family                 Music Ministry
Gilley, Andrew                         Sunday School & Youth Ministries
Gilley, Eric & Kristy                 Ebenezer Christian Children's Home
Goss, Estelle                         Our School Students & Staff
Gouge, Gary & Geneva         Nursing Homes, Residents & Staff
Graybeal, Wylene                 Covid Patients
Greer, Ethan                         First Responders
Greer, Matthew                 Healthcare Workers
Henson, Debbie                 Our President, Country & Military
Joines, Pat                         All Our Elected Officials
Hampton, Charlotte                 Police Officers in Ashe & Watauga
Hazlewood, Josh                 Associate Pastor Search
Henson, Sidney & Debby
Hick, Jim                                 Bereaved Families
Hicks, Wayne Juanite Leek Family
Hicks, Cheryl Matthew Disney Family
Johnson, Janet Family                         George Roberts Family
Laffoon Family
Lewis, Carolyn        
Luttrell, Amber                
Lutz, Matt                
Lyalls, Irene                
May, Donnie
Phillips, Marla
Phipps, Jill                
Rataski, Katy                
Reed, Ed & Geraldine
Richardson, Luke        
Roop, Janet
Sapp, Bell
Shoemake, Tootsie
Snyder, Ruth
Spencer, Kenny
Stewart, Sue
Thompson, Roger
Trivette, Weaver
Walters, Evan & Jonah
Walters, Jim & Barbara
Walton, Mary
Weaver, Kathy
Weaver, Jeff
Wiles, Irene

If there is anything you would like for us to be praying for please