Warrensville Baptist Church
Sunday, July 22, 2018
'Sharing the Good News through Caring People'
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Youth Ministry


Like our Children’s program, Warrensville Baptist Church’s youth program has three goals. The main goal is to provide opportunities for our youth to grow spiritually closer to God. To this end, we take our youth to Centrifuge, Winter Jam, Uplands Reach, local youth rallies, and other activities that provide different types of worship opportunities.
Another goal is to provide a warm and supportive environment where our youth can count on the love and support of our extended church family. The youth have their own Sunday School class and a Wednesday night Youth Group. It is important to us at Warrensville to provide Christian fellowship for our youth. We want them to know that being a Christian does not mean that you cannot have fun so fun activities are scheduled often. We want the kids to have fun while they are interacting with other Christian youth. The kids are encouraged to involve non-church friends on these outings as part of our outreach.
Also important to us is the giving back to our church and community. Our youth are involved in activities that help them realize that they can make a difference in our world and in other peoples’ lives. We give a Valentine’s Banquet for the adults in our church and are active on church workdays. Two of our youth have been responsible for maintaining the church grounds for several years now. We also want to give our youth opportunities to share the talents God has given them as our future church leaders with “Youth Sundays” where the youth and children plan and conduct the worship service—from the music, to Bible readings, to bringing the message, the entire service. Our youth have also been active in local fundraising projects, one that raised money for a ten year old to help with transplant expenses. We are continually looking for other opportunities for our youth to get involved with God’s work.
Our youth workers are a dedicated, caring group who volunteer their time to make sure that we have a strong program with strong Christian role models who develop invaluable relationships with our kids from the nursery on through childhood, through college, and even through adulthood.
The support for our youth at Warrensville is phenomenal. Financially and spiritually, this church understands that we must reach out to our youth—to love them, support them, and help them to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus.